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How to book tickets for the Alhambra

Tickets to the Alhambra

There are two ways to buy tickets to the ALHAMBRA:


1. DIRECT SALE at the ticket office of the Alhambra, from 08.00 am untill 17.30 (winter time) and 19.30 (summer time). Keep in mind that you will probably have to make a long queue to obtain them. Tickets are limited, and depending on the season is likely to be sold out during the day (limited number of visitors for conservation reasons).

This option lets you buy directly tickets ONLY for this day, NEVER for next day or others.


-  Pay cash in ticket office.

- Pay with credit card in terminals / ATM it the pavillion entrance.

2. BOOKINGS till the day before the visit, through the website of the bank la Caixa ( ) or phone 902888001 (0034934923750 if calling from outside Spain).

Tickets can be purchased up to three months in advance (NOT BEFORE).   




Information to be considered for the sale in advance:

- Tickets purchased by phone or online must be picked up at the ticket office of the Alhambra or terminals / ATM (credit card) in the entrance hall.

- Never forget the credit card with which you paid for the tickets in advance, otherwise you won't be able to withdraw them at the terminals / ATM by the ticket office.

- No amendments or refunds will be done on purchases in advance.

- For the withdrawal of the entrance tickets in the ticket office, you'll be required the code of the reservation provided at the time of purchase and Passport of the person who made the reservation (or written authorization thereof). Without the above documentation you won't be given the tickets.

- Maximum purchase of 10 tickets per person. Pay special attention if a group or family friends exceeds this number, because different reservations can have different time schedules for the visit of the nasrid palaces.

- We recommend come early enogh to not be late by the entrance of the nasrid palaces (late arrivals mean to lose the right to the visit of the palaces). Recommendation: Be in the Alhambra at least one hour before the entrance time for the visit of the nasrid palaces.                 






General ticket: Includes the visit of the whole complex (Alhambra with nasrid palaces and Generalife gardens and palace), excluding places closed to the visit for different reasons.

Garden ticket: with this ticket you can visit everything but the Nasrid Palaces.

Night schedule ticket: only for the visit of the Nasrid Palaces (no Generalife).



- General-daytime schedule: 14,00 €
- Night: 8,00 €
- Garden: 7,00 €
- Seniors over 65 years of the UE (accreditation): 9,00 €
- Disabled and children under 12 years: Free admission (children need special free ticket available in ticket office).


* Ticketmaster charges 1.40 euros per entrance ticket booked in advance.



New types of tickets (future gradual implementation):


* Combined: Combined ticket for a General tour of the monument with a follow-up (musical / theatrical) organized by other institutions.

 * Experiences tickets: Visit Alhambra night and next day, gardens 14 euros.



1. Withdrawal of reserved tickets will be done introducing the locator given by the bank "la Caixa" (terminals / ATM by ticket office), along with an identity card/passport if withdrawing them in the window of the Ticket office for reservations.

2. If you have not booked in advance you can always purchase tickets directly there, bearing in mind that tickets available for direct sale are not too many and in high season (march-october) are sold out soon.

Recomendation: Book as much in advance as possible in order to organize your visit. just include a link without any financial compensation, therefore is not responsible for any problem resulting from the sale of tickets through the Internet.


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