Alhambra and Generalife

Undoubtedly the highlight of the visits that Granada can offer, a wonderful walk of less than 3 hours that reveals the keys of a monument that attracts more than 2 million visitors annually.



This is a scheduled visit in which you join an organized group. The entrance ticketto the monument and the official guidewho acommpanies you throughout the tour are both included.

A visit adapted to your needs in daytime schedule. You’ll be accompanied by a private official guide that will show you each corner of the Alhambra and Generalife.

Guided tour with official guide (night schedule) through the Nasrid Palaces. Check timetable and days when it’s offered.

In this tour you visit the Generalife Gardens and the citadel of the Alhambra (without the Nasrid Palaces) in daytime schedule, always accompanied by a professional private guide.


The visit takes place on foot, starting from the meeting point, the map of the Alhambra by the ticket office. Important to know that despite its lenght is by no means a difficult or complicated walk, we make frequent stops for the explanations and you will see how fast time passes admired of so much beauty! Even disabled in a wheelchair can do most of the tour, with the logical exception of small sections with steps. The infrastructures of the monument with toilets, shops and fountains with drinking water allows us to enjoy the visit with little breaks and no inconvinients.

Highpoint of the visit are the Nasrid Palaces inside the citadel, we speak of the well-known Comares Palace with its courtyard of the myrtles and the impressive Throne Hall and the Lions Palace or court, perhaps the greatest exponent of the refinement and creativity of Islamic art around the world.

But the Alhambra as a royal city offers much more, we’ll cross the medina or neighborhoods inside the walls where different people lived, the artisans, servants and civil servants and also some noble families that were close to the kings, to understand this way the urbanism, architecture and daily life of a medieval Islamic city.

We can not forget to mention all the changes made in the Alhambra by the Christians after Granada was taken, we will of course also visit the greatest exponent of this new era, thepalace of Emperor Charles V, one of the purest and most perfect examples of the Renaissance ideal throughout the world.

The second part of the tour takes place outside the walls, a pleasant short walk with spectacular views takes us to the country house of the Generalife, the villa of the nasrid sultans, where we’ll see the old orchards with its fig and pomegranate tress and cross the world known maze created with geometrically trimmed cypress hedges, all under the rumour of the fountains and scent of the orange blossom, roses and jazzmins. The wonderful paths of the maze take us to the last treasure of the visit, the courtyard of the water channel inside the Generalife palace, with its lush vegetation and splashing fountains will be the end of a journey we are sure you won’t forget.